Discrimination Exists Against Southerners or "Country People". Are YOU part of the problem?

Discrimination Exists Against Southerners or "Country People". Are YOU part of the problem?

The world continues to make new names for everything...so we’re inventing one for a discriminatory problem that currently exists, but hasn't been addressed…

“Geographical Discrimination’; the unjust or prejudicial treatment of people geographically located in the rural country or Southern United States, especially on the grounds of intelligence.

Notice how movies like to make country folks look stupid? Or, when those who aren’t from the South perform an impersonation & start talking in the most painfully slow, exaggerated and dumb sounding caricature they can think up?

Have you been called racist straight off the bat? Had an Incest joke thrown at you? Personal hygiene, "got all your teeth" insinuation? Spoken to in a condescending tone? A “my cousin vinny” reference?  The list goes on…

Yeah, Southerners have thick skin, but we still deserve the same amount of respect as anyone else.

So if you're a Southerner & when it happens again…cause you know it will, don't stay silent! Take it as an opportunity to start an intellectual conversation and squash that bias!

If you're guilty of this, acknowledge why its degrading, quit doing it and guess what...we forgive you. Southern Charm Restored. We just ask you to learn and grow!

and If you wanna keep talking shit: 

Here are 13 famous inventions and the southerners who invented them:

  1. Anesthesia. You can thank Crawford Long of Georgia for why doctors don’t hit you over the head with a rock when your shit needs to be fixed with surgery. He developed and used the first surgical anesthesia.
  1. Miniature golf. James Barber of North Carolina created a miniature golf course on his estate way back in 1916. He wasn’t the first to patent it, though. That honor goes to Garnet Carter of Tennessee.
  1. The Hearing aid. Hearing not as keen as it used to be? Don’t be a hypocrite and wear these babies while talking trash about us Southerners! Someday very soon you will want to thank Miller Reese Hutchison of ALLLAAAAABAAAAMAAAA! He invented it.
  1. Sunscreen. When you don’t end up looking like a skin cancer after a day at the beach, you can thank Benjamin Green of Florida. He patented the first sunscreen way back in 1944. His patent was eventually bought by Coppertone.
  1. Tupperware was invented by chemist Earl Silas Tupper of Florida in 1946. Just imagine how empty your refrigerator would be without Tupperware containers filled with your fancy foods.
  1. Pine-Sol. If one of your Tupperware containers ever leaks, you can thank Harry A. Cole of Mississippi for the cleaning power and fresh smell of Pine-Sol.
  1. Movies with sound. For as much as Hollywood loves to make fun of us, Freeman Owens of Arkansas invented the process used to put sound on film. Just imagine how terrible films would be if there wasn’t sound. Friendly reminder: at this point, the South has brought you sound and a way to fix your dang ears. 
  2. The Bowie knife was invented by James Bowie of Kentucky. He wasn’t very creative when choosing a name, but whatever back-freckle.
  1. Submarines. Horace Lawson Hunley of Tennessee invented the submarine. Giving our nation the ability to conduct a vast array of missions including anti-surface and antisubmarine warfare, intelligence gathering, mine reconnaissance, land attacks, polar operations, Special Forces support, defending other fleet ships, etc…
  1. Coca-Cola. Ever hear of John Pemberton from the great state of Georgia? He invented Coca-Cola, the tasty beverage added to vanilla ice cream to create ice cream soda. You’re welcome.
  1. Pepsi Cola. Do you enjoy the less-tasty, but still popular, Pepsi Cola? It was invented by Caleb Bradham of North Carolina. If you’re dying of thirst and there’s no Coke, water, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, sweet tea, orange juice or milk to be found; Pepsi Cola could save your life. & Pretty sure a good bit of the North prefers Pepsi…
  1. Tow truck. Has your car ever broken down? If Ernest Holmes of Tennessee was still alive, he would say “your welcome.” Holmes invented the tow truck.
  1. Microscope. Do you like True Crime TV or any kind of science show? Well, J. Lawrence Smith of Louisiana invented the microscope. And without the microscope, 80%, we’d all be screwed by ALL of the diseases. We’re assuming…

These are only a few of the many inventions brought to the world by Southerners.

Who knows what we’ll do for the world next…Bless your Hearts!

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