Memorial Weekend Reminder!

Memorial Weekend Reminder!

For many Americans, Memorial Day signifies the start of the summer season, as well as a much-needed long weekend filled with activities like sporting events and barbecues. But that wasn’t the original purpose of the day—and its evolution over the years has been rife with controversy.

Celebrated on the last Monday in May, Memorial Day commemorates those who have lost their lives serving their country—unlike Veterans Day, on November 11, which celebrates all people who have served in the military.

Since the end of the Civil War, when it was known as Decoration Day, the holiday has been marked by solemn parades and ceremonies and the placing of flowers on the graves of fallen service members.

However, many Americans have complained that the holiday has drifted too far toward frivolous fun and should be restored to a more respectful observance.

We're a veteran-owned company, built with the values of honoring those heroes we've lost on the battlefield, and supporting those still struggling back home.

Make sure to honor the heroes who’ve given their lives in service to this great country, and help raise support for veterans fighting internal battles on the home front.

Making memories on Memorial Day weekend is amazing. But Instilling values, honoring and teaching perspective is crucial.

Set the right intention, make sure to honor all of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for us...