Defund The HOA
Defund The HOA
Defund The HOA

Defund The HOA

All homeowners have the freedom to enjoy their property, as well as the amenities provided by their HOA…to an extent, or so we’re told.

We’ve all experienced it at one point or another in housing communities, either being told we’re being a nuisance by the HOA or knowing someone that has. The list of grievances ranges from unkempt lawns, dogs barking incessantly throughout the night, children being excessively unruly, parking space quarrels, NOSY neighbors, to property encroachment. Some issues we agree with, others are so far-fetched that they make us feel our rights as homeowners have been infringed upon.

Many would argue the modern HOA has taken the fun out of living free, as we see fit as Americans. This new design aims to put the fun back where it belongs - in “Defund the HOA”!

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