Guns Of The South Tee
Guns Of The South Tee
Guns Of The South Tee
Guns Of The South Tee
Guns Of The South Tee

Guns Of The South Tee

Here in the South, we have many traditions and values that we hand down from family generation to generation. The preservation and protection of family and property, a genuine love and appreciation for the outdoors, and how to harvest and provide for your own are some of the most treasured. We defend our way of life with guns and proudly pass down our respect and appreciation for firearms to our loved ones.

This collection of rifles and shotguns pictured in this best-selling design are known as the "Guns of the South". These six total guns include your First Gun Ever (.22 Pump Action Rifle), Dad's Gun (Browning Auto) and even Grandad's Gun (Side by Side). There's Old Faithful (Remington Model 870 Pump-action Shotgun), the "No Need for Introduction" (.30-30 Lever-Action Rifle) and the popular Deer Hunting Rifle (Remington Model 700).

Together, these guns are inherently a part of the lifestyle that many have grown accustomed to living in the southern United States. What can be learned about these firearms is handed down in our family ancestry over time.

Preserving homegrown traditions, like gun use, resonates to the core of southerners everywhere. How to properly hunt game and protect one's life, liberty and property are some of the most valuable lessons we learn in the South, and always will be!

  • USA MADE Comfort Color Shirt
  • Printed in Savannah, GA
  • Veteran Owned & Georgia Grown Company
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  • Made by Hard-working Americans.

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