Small Batch - Major Merritt&
Small Batch - Major Merritt&
Small Batch - Major Merritt&

Small Batch - Major Merritt's Hot Sauce

Small-Batch, Major Merritt's Hot Sauce "Good On Everything!"

Affordable, Addicting, & ALL NATURAL! We truly believe everyone should be able to access all-natural farm fresh goods at a price that doesn’t cost as much as a leg! It’s ONLY $5.75 - that’s right…but WHY?

Because we’re so sure you’ll get hooked after just one taste! 

Oh, and FYI - all of our ingredients are sourced from farms spread across Southern Small Town USA!

Conveniently SHIPS IN 24HRS!!!

Thanks for Preserving Homegrown! -V/R MAJOR MERRITT & the ASLC Family!

Product Info:

  • 5 oz. glass bottle 
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  • Made by Hard-working Americans.

Once we get your order, we'll be working on getting it out to you ASAP! :)

If you also ordered a Limited Time Design, then your order will not ship until the latest Limited Time Design ship date on order. We currently do not split ship at this time.

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